Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Personal Life

Oh jeez, it's been so long since I've updated or even thought about my weight. Well that's not exactly true--I always think about my weight, who am I kidding. I'm back on track now, after these things in my life happened (all good news):

1) I passed Writing Lab at Groundlings (the third level class, on a pass/fail basis)! Some very talented people have not passed the class, so I'm very thankful for successfully completing the course.

2) I got a raise/promotion, and now I'm a boss--I'm more invested in my day job now, and it takes up a bit of brain space.

3) I am now in a relationship with an awesome guy--this is the best thing I have in my life right now. I've been single for 4 years, and it feels amazing to be able to love someone and to be loved in return :) (I met him online, welcome to 2010!)

4) I've been going on about 2 auditions a week, and averaging a callback every 1 of 2. (I've got a really cool 'recurring' commercial character audition today--like the Progressive Girl!)

5) I went back to the gym last Thursday, and have been there 4 out of 5 days this week so far!

So now, almost 1.5 months later, I'm back to committing myself to losing weight. I unfortunately have gained a couple of pounds, but fortunately have ONLY gained a couple of pounds. I should be able to shake these off with some commitment to diet/exercise fairly easily. I shouldn't deceive myself, though--it is work.

Current Weight: 134.5 lbs
Starting Weight: 133.5 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: -4 lbs
Weight Loss Total: -1 lbs

That's ok! Positive thinking! I'll get there! I bought new clothes yesterday (3 shirts), and I like feeling like I'm dressing snazzy--that also helps motivate me. I like trying on new clothes, and having a goal of which clothes I want to fit into. Today, I want to eat really well, and do a combination of cardio and resistance training!

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