Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Goals

Not sure if I'll be around a computer this weekend, so better to have this post out in the open! Some of these have to do with weight, some have to do with my career, some with personal life.

We'll start with goals accomplished last year--I had a GREAT 2010!
1. Get on an Upright Citizens Brigade sketch team and on their performer page (I was a writer/performer on one of their Maude (i.e. sketch) teams!)
2. Committed relationship (I have been with my current boyfriend for about 4 months after being single for about 3.5 years)
3. Book a significant paid acting gig (I booked 2 national commercials in December)
4. SAG eligible (I am SAG eligible due to the above achieved goal)

Now for 2011... some of these are carry-overs from last year that I didn't quite achieve:
1. Weigh 125 consistently (carry-over, the lowest I weighed last year was 131.5)
2. Begin a retirement plan
3. Earn enough consistent income per month from acting/voice/writing/creative gigs to quit my day job within a year
4. All ten Less Than Heroic episodes successfully, develop a fan base, enough to create Season 2 (this is a web series about D&D that I'm creating-writing-producing-acting)
5. Book a lead in a feature-length comedy
6. Book a costar on a TV series drama
7. Finish writing Princess One-Woman Musical/screenplay/feature
8. Record about 5 real songs for m y website (pop, jazz, rock, cabaret) and get vocal-coached for them
9. Get an acting manager or theatrical agent
10. Make debt ZERO
11. Move into my own one-bedroom apartment
12. Walk down a red carpet for a film

Small Successes

Yesterday, I met with my creating partner for my Less Than Heroic webseries (about kids who play D&D). We talked for a long time about the series, and began work on our sub-series, mini video-casts every writer will do on the topic of their choice. My topic is "Lady Nerd," and it will be about how classy it is to be a lady and a nerd. I got my twitter, facebook, tumblr, and vimeo all set up!

I also did a workout video, which sometimes is the toughest step in my day--just to put on those darn workout clothes.

And last but not least, I made myself 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich at home instead of the original plan, which was going to Jack-in-the-box for one of theirs. I have a weigh-in today, and I don't expect to lose any weight. The goal was to lose 1.5 lbs at least, but if I lose ANY or just stay the same after Christmas weekend, I'll still be happy.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas, New Year, and Weight Watchers

Hello again, I have NOT forgotten about this blog. It's been in the back of my mind, and I know it should have been in the FRONT of my mind, but I've been nervous.

In any case, life's great! I booked 2 National Commercials in December, and now I'm SAG eligible. This means I gotta get in SHAPE. Now I can go out on auditions for TV Shows and feature films, so in order to do that, I simply HAVE to look "camera ready."

I have taken steps to do this:
1) Joined Weight Watcher's
2) Committed to emailing some friends in a group email what we eat during the day (group tracking as opposed to just writing down what I eat for myself)

The best example of success I've had so far is the first week I joined, I didn't necessarily write down EVERYTHING. I gained weight. The second week, I wrote down EVERYTHING and emailed EVERYTHING, and although I was about 20 points over the allotted points (even including the extra 49 we get), I still lost weight! The numbers are the same as before I left off blogging, but I'm committed to sticking with this blog now because I have even more motivation now that it seems like my acting goals are that much closer to becoming a reality. I imagine it won't take more than 2 months to reach my new goal weight, 125 lbs. I just need to stay on track.

Current Weight: 133.8 lbs (I weigh in at WW's wearing light clothes)
Starting Weight: 133.5 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: .7 lbs (from last entry)
Weight Loss Total: -.3 lbs

Alright, so here we go!

I'm also committing to go to more casting director workshops (as opposed to the zero I went to last year), and getting a theatrical agent OR a manager who can help me get theatrical auditions. I went to one casting director workshop (Semone Leifer) with Aaron Krebs' workshops that he puts together a couple of weeks ago, and very much enjoyed it! I need to start getting seen by the people who make the big decisions, you dig?

AAAAAnd another motivational point--I am going to Italy with my boyfriend in mid-March, and I WILL be my goal weight by that time. I want those pictures to be STUNNING!