Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas, New Year, and Weight Watchers

Hello again, I have NOT forgotten about this blog. It's been in the back of my mind, and I know it should have been in the FRONT of my mind, but I've been nervous.

In any case, life's great! I booked 2 National Commercials in December, and now I'm SAG eligible. This means I gotta get in SHAPE. Now I can go out on auditions for TV Shows and feature films, so in order to do that, I simply HAVE to look "camera ready."

I have taken steps to do this:
1) Joined Weight Watcher's
2) Committed to emailing some friends in a group email what we eat during the day (group tracking as opposed to just writing down what I eat for myself)

The best example of success I've had so far is the first week I joined, I didn't necessarily write down EVERYTHING. I gained weight. The second week, I wrote down EVERYTHING and emailed EVERYTHING, and although I was about 20 points over the allotted points (even including the extra 49 we get), I still lost weight! The numbers are the same as before I left off blogging, but I'm committed to sticking with this blog now because I have even more motivation now that it seems like my acting goals are that much closer to becoming a reality. I imagine it won't take more than 2 months to reach my new goal weight, 125 lbs. I just need to stay on track.

Current Weight: 133.8 lbs (I weigh in at WW's wearing light clothes)
Starting Weight: 133.5 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: .7 lbs (from last entry)
Weight Loss Total: -.3 lbs

Alright, so here we go!

I'm also committing to go to more casting director workshops (as opposed to the zero I went to last year), and getting a theatrical agent OR a manager who can help me get theatrical auditions. I went to one casting director workshop (Semone Leifer) with Aaron Krebs' workshops that he puts together a couple of weeks ago, and very much enjoyed it! I need to start getting seen by the people who make the big decisions, you dig?

AAAAAnd another motivational point--I am going to Italy with my boyfriend in mid-March, and I WILL be my goal weight by that time. I want those pictures to be STUNNING!

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