Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weigh-In #2

Oops y'all!! I forgot yesterday and ran out of time, and I have several more excuses where that came from. That being said, what a fantastic week. I attribute my success to the multitude of exercising I did. I both ran AND hiked both Saturday and Sunday, and cardio is the fastest way for me to lose weight. It also reduces my anxiety/stress levels which can get pretty high.

So here we go:

Current weight: 132.5 (my scale operates on increments of half pounds)
Weight loss this week: 1 lb
Weight loss total: 1 lb
Starting weight: 133.5

Wahoo! I did it! I lost a pound! I feel like I could have done a lot of things better, but I did make better food choices last week. My downfall is candy, so in the evenings, I made a concerted effort to eat vegetables--mainly broccoli, both raw and boiled. I don't have a lot of interest in food variety or new tastes or fine dining, so it's fairly easy to do any of the diets that are suggested to me. They normally involve eggs, nuts, cottage cheese, fruit, vegetables, some lean meat, blah blah blah. It all tastes great to me, and the less I have to prepare, the better off I am.

My downfall is candy. It seems so innocent, but BAM it'll get me where it hurts. Also, I went to 2 parties this weekend, and drank all kinds of alcohol. Umm... not a great idea if you're trying to lose weight. I'm on a different, more focused train this week, so I better lose more than just a pound. I know one pound is pretty good, but I KNOW I can do better this week. Last week, my exercise was all jogging/hiking. This week, I'm going to change it to more grueling cardio videos with weights, and go to a couple of gym classes, which seriously kick my butt.

Also, in the good news column, I started dating someone new last week, and I still lost weight! How about that? Good job, Amy. Thank you, Amy. Boys don't have to change your life too much :P

Monday, July 19, 2010

3 Day Diet (and more)

Here's a diet that my good friend Shelley gave me years ago. Shelley's a model/actress in LA, and this diet does help shrink your stomach and help you lose about 2-5 lbs in 3 days!  It claims to make you lose 10 lbs, but it's never had those kind of results for me. Needless to say, this is what I'll be eating for the next 3 days.  
Drink all the Water and Diet Drinks you want
Day 1: 1/2 grapefruit, 1 slice toast, 2 tb peanut butter, coffee or tea
Lunch: 1/2 cup tuna, 1 slice toast, coffee or tea
Dinner: 2 slices meat (any kind to = 6 oz), 1 c green beans, 1/2 banana, 1 small apple, 1 c vanilla ice cream
Day 2: 1 egg, 1 slice toast, 1/2 banana
Lunch: 1 c cottage cheese or 1 slice cheddar cheese, 1 hard boiled egg, 5 saltine crackers
Dinner: 2 weiners (no buns), 1 c broccoli, 1/2 c carrots, 1/2 banana, 1/2 c vanilla ice cream
Day 3: 5 saltine crackers, 1 slice cheddar cheese, 1 small apple
Lunch: 1 hard boiled egg, slice toast
Dinner: 1 cup tuna, 1/2 banana, 1 c cauliflower, 1/2 c cantalope, orange or grapefruit, 1/2 c vanilla ice cream
Diet works on a chemical breakdown and is proven.  Do not vary or substitute.  Any of the above foods, salt or pepper may be used, but no other seasonings.  This is to be used 3 days at a time off 4 days.  Lose 10 lbs or up to 40 lbs in a month (safe diet).  DO NOT EAT in between meals. 

Also, check out this site for other 3 day diet/meals. I've done some of them, and they're great! It helps to add in some exercise, of course, as always.
Aaaaaand last but not least, a while back, I was chosen as a candidate to try out a fitness machine (I did it for no pay, but got free training classes for two weeks).  This is the diet they asked us to follow:

13 Day Accelerated Plan Diet

1.) 2-3 egg whites, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 2 slices tomato you can season with Tabasco. Men add 1 whole egg and 1 cup cottage cheese
2.) 1 slice Ezekiel bread, 2-3 egg whites, 2-3 strawberries. Men add 1 whole egg
3.) 1 serving oatmeal, small palmful frozen berries, 2 scoops yogurt (preferably fage).
*Note: Make sure you eat breakfast everyday before your workout preferably 2 hrs before your

Mid morning morning snack
1.) Apple
2.) Almond s or walnuts 6-12
3.) 1 cup of berries

Lunch -lean protein (salmon, chicken, tuna) 3 oz for women 4-6 oz for men, 2 scoops salad with apple
cider vinegar. Men add small sweet potato or 1/2 cup brown rice

Mid afternoon snack
1.) Apple
2.) almonds or walmlts
3.) cup berries

1.) lean protein (salmon, chicken, tuna) 3 oz for women 4-6 oz for men, 1 cup veggies, small salad
with apple cider vinegar. Men add X cup brown rice

Suggestions for Vegetables: Peas, spinach, broccoli, asparagus. No canned veggies. Frozen or fresh only.
Season with lemon, vinegar or Mrs Dash

Suggestions for salad: mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, raw green beans.

Drink a lot of water with lemon Make sure you eat breakfast at least 2 hrs before you workout, it's the
most important meal of the day. Coffee is fine as long as you only use lowfat milk and no sweetener.

No diet products!!!!!

I know this is extreme but it is only for 13 days. As we move along in this process we will make changes if

Eat dinner as close to 4pm as possible and if you are STARVING in the evening have a half of an apple for
women and whole apple for men with lemon. It will keep you full for hours.

Weigh-In #1

Alright folks, here it is. Don't get too excited. But still, get excited.  I'll explain.

Weekends are the HARDEST. THE. HARDEST. times for me. I have no daily structure on the weekends, and normally, it leads to me trying not to eat all day, then by 1 or 2, I'm famished, so I eat anything and everything, then go to a party or a hang-out or something, and long story short, wind up gaining back all the weight I lost during the week. The weekends keep me unable to lose weight.  So, for that reason, I consider today a victory because:

Weight: 133.5 lbs
Weight loss: 0 lbs
Weight loss total: 0 lbs
Starting Weight: 133.5 lbs

So, no change. Who cares?  I managed to get through a weekend. Also, I am INCREDIBLY motivated to shrink those numbers next week. I don't want any more zeroes, folks. I'm done. This has GOT to stop. I've GOT to change my body, and no one can do that but me. So here we go!

For acting news, I just completed the first 37 pages of a screenplay I'm writing. This screenplay is for a HUGE-MONGOUS budget, so in no way do I expect anything right away. However, my goal recently has been to start meeting people who make lengthier projects. I'm kind of bored with the fast turn-around, surface-level comedy projects. I want to do something with real heart and meaning. I figure, if I write a screenplay, I'll probably somehow meet people with similar goals. Of course, my main goal is to act in the features, but hey, this idea I have is super cute--it's a fantasy story about a princess, and I truly believe this poor princess' story needs to be told.

It's a lot easier than I thought it'd be. Of course, I have had the idea in my head for the past 2.5 years, so I know the characters backwards and forwards. It's really cool to see all my ideas formulate their way onto the page. Needless to say, 37 pages in one weekend is not bad, not bad at all. I really like it, and like my weight this week, I am very proud of myself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Oh, if there's one thing on this planet that can kick my diet focus and motivation to yesterday, it's MEN.


Today, I was told once again by yet another man that I felt more like a "friend," and that the romantic spark wasn't there. This is especially ironic because I met him on match.com. Even guys on match.com pick up the "dude/bro/buddy" vibe from me.  The fact that he was right, and we do feel more like friends than anything doesn't take away the hurt feelings. (I signed up for only a month on that stupid stupid website, and I've spent most of my time blocking uglies, so I'm glad that this is the only person I wasted any time on--and I didn't really waste much of my time, so there.)

A normal day after something like this happens: purchase a half gallon of ice cream and eat the sh*t out of it!
Today: go running as planned and stick to the diet as planned... (we'll see... wish me luck)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat... SUUUUUURE

Yeah, how many times have I heard that one?!

I get it--I do. But for someone like me? No effin way. I'm a small girl with a small build (getting smaller teehee), and unless I work out super hard 3+ hours a day WITH THE SOLE PURPOSE TO BUILD MUSCLE MASS, I call bullsh*t.  The exercising I do--mainly cardio and resistance training, and some YES SOME weight lifting--will not make a significant difference to my weight.  I'd buy a difference of 2-5 lbs tops--maybe more once I really get going... but that's a MAYBE.

If I gain weight, I can almost swear on anything you like, it's because I ATE TOO MUCH!  No doi doi.

Besides, if I get to the point that I'm gaining weight because of muscle (and that's a big IF), it might be a good time to stop. I have no intention of looking like:

Or do I? She's pretty hawt...

P.S. I'm writing a lot right now, but I'm pretty sure the posting will slow down.  I'm just kind of excited about it now :)

Oops oops oops... So what?

So, after starting the blog yesterday, I was like, "Cool, I'll for real start tomorrow" (story of my life for weekends: "Monday I'll be good.")


Whatever, who cares. Good news about one day being bad is that normally one or two days being good will shave it right off. All I have to do is lose 1 pound by Saturday (132.5)--oh, I can do that.

Maybe I should weigh in twice a week, or at least on Monday as well (the weekends get me sooooo bad!)

I was also thinking I should post my menus and workout schedule because I think to some people, it might be interesting... Like I said before, when I lost a bunch of weight, I sure wasn't eating much.

One of my very skinny friends said that basically she's hungry a lot, and that's the only way she stays skinny. She does it on purpose (to stay skinny), but she also doesn't work out. She is 5'10" and 125 lbs. People say there's about 5 lbs difference per inch. If I want to look like her, since I'm 5'6", I should weigh 105 lbs. I don't think that'll happen--1) I DO work out and 2) I have yet to weigh under 120 lbs my entire life. It's not impossible, but I don't mind tacking on 10 lbs for muscle mass to equal my goal of 115 lbs. I've kind of been asking around to see what girls actually weigh compared to their height. It's pretty interesting (and a little nutso!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Long-Expected Party

Yes, the title of this entry is a "Lord of the Rings" reference. I'm a huge nerd. I'm also an actress, and a bit "overweight." In no way am I "fat." In fact, in the rest of America, I'd be considered skinny. Hell, even in Hollywood, I'd be considered skinny. But not in the circle of Hollywood where I want to be. There, I'd be considered "overweight."

My good pal from college, Chase McCurdy, started a blog this January to help motivate him to lose weight. Already he's lost 100+ pounds, and he's staying strong and losing even more. You can look at that blog here: www.theamazingshrinkingactor.blogspot.com. I have used his blog as motivation for myself, and now have decided to start my own, completely copying everything, including the name of the blog (thanks, Chase!). My weight-loss/body-toning will be incredibly less exciting than his as I have a lot less weight to lose, but hey, it's a goal of mine, and has been for YEARS, so hopefully this will work.

I've tried a lot of stuff over the years, and they all have worked: Weight Watchers, gym membership, personal trainer; but they all cost money. The results also disappeared as soon as I stopped using them. As my funds are depleting with the rest of America's, I figure this'll be a cheap (free), fun way to hold myself accountable, just like Chase!

I've got slightly different goals than Chase does. He lives in Chicago, and does a lot of stage acting. I live in Hollywood, and find myself on camera a lot more. Right now I'm doing a lot of comedy, but my ultimate goal is dramatic acting, as that is where most of my training lies. In comedy, the lifestyle is different. You stay out late, you drink, you laugh, you just have fun--it's the easiest way to find what's funny! You can choose not to fall into that lifestyle, but to do that, it has to be a conscious choice to go against the natural grain. That's where I've found myself the last few years, and I have to change it!

I always thought: "Once I get my body looking like I want it to, that's when I'll book the roles I want." Unfortunately, that has never changed. A therapist asked me, "Do you have signs of an eating disorder?" and I said, "Yes." Because it's true--I do have the signs of an eating disorder. I focus on it all the time, and I weigh myself all the time, and I look in the mirror all the time, and I wish I didn't love food as much as I do--hell, I wish I had an eating disorder. But I don't. Hrmph. I'm perfectly healthy and happy, and I have no desire to harm myself in the way I know an eating disorder will. Also, I do love food :)

So enough waiting around for something else to motivate me to lose weight. I've read tons of books about it, I've lost the weight on my own before--I've got all the tools I need. I can do this by myself, thank you very much. My mom told me an actor recently got an Emmy nod, and when they asked him what he'd do to celebrate, he said, "I'll probably just have a dessert." Well, shoot, that's the life I want, so that's the lifestyle I've got to lead--desserts only for special occasions (among other changes). Dammit. :P

My goal is to basically be camera ready to play the role that requires the awesomest body ever: a vampire. They're both parts the sexiest and strongest and most interesting character I think I can play. I know I have a long way to go, but I've just got to reiterate: Chase lost 100+ pounds in less than 7 months. I can do this.

I not only need to lose weight; I also need to tone up. Good news is, I already work out, and I like working out, and I think underneath this layer of fat, I've got some pretty sick muscles going on. I know what I need to do to keep that as part of my weekly schedule without going overboard or tiring myself. The hardest part for me is the food--eating healthily and eating the right-sized portions. Here's the bad news: to lose weight on a frame like mine, I have to eat 1100-1400 calories a day, and that's not a lot. I remember doing that a couple of years ago, and boy oh boy, it took a lot of willpower. Oh well. My dad cut out all white carbs (rice, pasta, etc), dairy, and sweets for a couple of months, didn't change his exercise habits at all, and lost 15 pounds. If Dad can do it, and Chase can do it, so can I.

Where I'm starting:
Weight: 133.5 lbs
Bust: 32.5
Waist: 27.5 inches
Hips: 38.5 inches
Right Thigh: 22
Right Upper Arm: 12 inches

Goal: 115-118 pounds (because, come on, we fluctuate!)
and here are the size 2 Victoria's Secret clothing measurements that I'd love to match:
Bust: 32.5
Waist: 24.5
Hips: 35

I need to lose:
Weight: 18.5-15.5 pounds
Bust: 0 inches
Waist: 3 inches
Hips: 3.5 inches

Great, my boobs are the only things that match (buuuuut they will get smaller, too, as I lose weight *sigh*). For all you southern/midwestern people who think these goals are too intense, trust me, they're not. You should see the people out here, they weigh MUCH less than what my goals are. This is healthy, and these are real numbers. Now, I might gain weight if I put on muscle, but I know for a fact I can at least stay healthy at 120 lbs, so why not shoot for a little bit lower, and make it hard on myself?

I think it's healthy for me to lose 1-3 lbs/week; it won't be anywhere near Chase's 5+ lbs/week, but it will be slow and significant. It will also make me change my eating habits, which are my main concern. And it will make it easier to maintain the weight once I've lost the pounds.

Anyway, wish me luck!