Thursday, December 30, 2010

Small Successes

Yesterday, I met with my creating partner for my Less Than Heroic webseries (about kids who play D&D). We talked for a long time about the series, and began work on our sub-series, mini video-casts every writer will do on the topic of their choice. My topic is "Lady Nerd," and it will be about how classy it is to be a lady and a nerd. I got my twitter, facebook, tumblr, and vimeo all set up!

I also did a workout video, which sometimes is the toughest step in my day--just to put on those darn workout clothes.

And last but not least, I made myself 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich at home instead of the original plan, which was going to Jack-in-the-box for one of theirs. I have a weigh-in today, and I don't expect to lose any weight. The goal was to lose 1.5 lbs at least, but if I lose ANY or just stay the same after Christmas weekend, I'll still be happy.

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