Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Oh, if there's one thing on this planet that can kick my diet focus and motivation to yesterday, it's MEN.


Today, I was told once again by yet another man that I felt more like a "friend," and that the romantic spark wasn't there. This is especially ironic because I met him on match.com. Even guys on match.com pick up the "dude/bro/buddy" vibe from me.  The fact that he was right, and we do feel more like friends than anything doesn't take away the hurt feelings. (I signed up for only a month on that stupid stupid website, and I've spent most of my time blocking uglies, so I'm glad that this is the only person I wasted any time on--and I didn't really waste much of my time, so there.)

A normal day after something like this happens: purchase a half gallon of ice cream and eat the sh*t out of it!
Today: go running as planned and stick to the diet as planned... (we'll see... wish me luck)

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