Monday, July 12, 2010

Oops oops oops... So what?

So, after starting the blog yesterday, I was like, "Cool, I'll for real start tomorrow" (story of my life for weekends: "Monday I'll be good.")


Whatever, who cares. Good news about one day being bad is that normally one or two days being good will shave it right off. All I have to do is lose 1 pound by Saturday (132.5)--oh, I can do that.

Maybe I should weigh in twice a week, or at least on Monday as well (the weekends get me sooooo bad!)

I was also thinking I should post my menus and workout schedule because I think to some people, it might be interesting... Like I said before, when I lost a bunch of weight, I sure wasn't eating much.

One of my very skinny friends said that basically she's hungry a lot, and that's the only way she stays skinny. She does it on purpose (to stay skinny), but she also doesn't work out. She is 5'10" and 125 lbs. People say there's about 5 lbs difference per inch. If I want to look like her, since I'm 5'6", I should weigh 105 lbs. I don't think that'll happen--1) I DO work out and 2) I have yet to weigh under 120 lbs my entire life. It's not impossible, but I don't mind tacking on 10 lbs for muscle mass to equal my goal of 115 lbs. I've kind of been asking around to see what girls actually weigh compared to their height. It's pretty interesting (and a little nutso!)

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