Monday, July 12, 2010

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat... SUUUUUURE

Yeah, how many times have I heard that one?!

I get it--I do. But for someone like me? No effin way. I'm a small girl with a small build (getting smaller teehee), and unless I work out super hard 3+ hours a day WITH THE SOLE PURPOSE TO BUILD MUSCLE MASS, I call bullsh*t.  The exercising I do--mainly cardio and resistance training, and some YES SOME weight lifting--will not make a significant difference to my weight.  I'd buy a difference of 2-5 lbs tops--maybe more once I really get going... but that's a MAYBE.

If I gain weight, I can almost swear on anything you like, it's because I ATE TOO MUCH!  No doi doi.

Besides, if I get to the point that I'm gaining weight because of muscle (and that's a big IF), it might be a good time to stop. I have no intention of looking like:

Or do I? She's pretty hawt...

P.S. I'm writing a lot right now, but I'm pretty sure the posting will slow down.  I'm just kind of excited about it now :)

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