Friday, January 7, 2011

Abundance of Auditions!

This week has been great for my weight loss and my acting career. I auditioned for 3 national commercials (those are the kind that have the potential to pay big bucks IF they air): Best Buy, Lowe's, Miracle Whip!

I also had a fantastic improv show last night--a friend put it together, and it was about 30 of my favorite people, each doing groups of about 7 to put on 4 20-minute shows. Everyone had a blast, and I felt like my additions to the scenes were particularly good, especially considering I haven't done improv since before the holidays. I attribute it to confidence. I had just weighed in and had lost 1.2 pounds, so I was feeling fit, skinny, and in control. It lead me to make a lot of bold moves I might not have otherwise made. Hopefully all this will pay off soon--I can't imagine it won't!

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