Thursday, January 20, 2011


Current Weight: 130.8
Starting Weight: 136.2 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 1.4 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 5.4 lbs

I almost didn't weigh in because earlier this week (previous blog post), my scale said I had gained 2 pounds since last week, which was a shocker because I had begun a rigorous work out program (P90X), AND stayed on plan. Turns out (after posting to the WW website), that the fact of the matter is I wasn't getting enough water. That was suggested by several lovely members on the site. I proceeded to drink a ton of water the next couple of days, and BAM! Look ^ what happened :)

Well, it goes to show you this moral: Weigh In at Weight Watchers and ONLY at Weight Watchers ON YOUR WI DAY! Turns out I lost 1.4 pounds, which is the most I've lost so far on this program (I think I lost 1.4 the first week, but since then, it's been fractions, maintaining, or somewhere in between).

I also have non-scale successes:
1) My average weekly loss changed from .4 per week to .5 per week. Thank you, thank you (as I take a bow)
2) My measurements (listed in a previous post)
3) I did not purchase a WW snack at the end of the meeting, which I typically do, and then immediately cram every last one of the mini bars, etc down my gullet that night and the next day, rendering the box empty within 24 hours. This means that I have learned what one of my bad habits is (eating the entire box of ANYTHING), and I took one step closer to changing it.
4) I have had 4 national commercial auditions this week, 3 last week, and 3 the week before, giving me a total of 10 commercial auditions already for 2011. This is going to be a good year, folks. They say you book one out of every 40-50 auditions you go on, and I booked 2 last year after about 30 auditions, so we will wait patiently and see what this year has to offer.

Congratulations to me!
My main goal:
Stay on target over the weekend. I typically eat all of my flex points (yes all 49) over the weekend, and then have a meltdown when on Monday, my scale reads that I gained weight. Duh, Amy. Well, let's not do that this weekend. Not THIS weekend, ya hear me? Yes, I hear you. Good.

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