Friday, January 28, 2011

Trying for a Positive Spin

Current Weight: 130.8
Starting Weight: 136.2 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 0 lbs
Weight Loss Total: 5.4 lbs

So I maintained yesterday... I was very frustrated although not surprised... I was VERY hungry yesterday--all last week I was (I blame P90X)... I could have eaten more than was allotted, but not much. I tracked everything, and ate all my points. I can be more strict, eat more fruits/protein, etc.; I can make a change this week... so I shouldn't be that frustrated, but I am.

And you know how when one thing goes wrong, EVERYTHING seems to go wrong?Or you start looking at it in that light?

I was talking to my mom over the phone this morning, and really got myself going, whining, complaining, the whole nine yards. I realized a couple of things.

1) My mom is so supportive that she'll listen to me, and offer advice, etc, which is great. But then I take all that support as encouragement, and my complaints get bigger, stronger and cover a wider variety of topics until one of us runs out of steam.
2) Truly, nothing's really wrong. Any problem comes directly from me.

Here are my positive spins:
1) I haven't had any auditions this week (after having 3-5 auditions every week since the 1st of the year). Spin: I was able to work full time for my boss, which I know he and his small company appreciated (so did my bank account!)
2) I maintained weight. Spin: I didn't gain weight and I'm way more motivated to stay completely on track this week and lose more than I would have in these two weeks combined!
3) I have been creatively frustrated and uninspired. Spin: this feeling obviously has reached its pinnacle, so there's no where left to go but up!

I texted my dad that I was practicing "create your own happiness techniques" and he texted back "exactly how?" and I realized I hadn't made any tangible steps... so I did:

Steps I'm taking:
1) My dad told me to go to a mountain somewhere and enjoy nature to clear my head. I will do this Sunday.
2) I will plan my meals for this weekend (at least breakfast and lunch)
3) I will plan at least 6 hours this weekend for creative discussion/writing work. There is this one project I can't seem to complete, even though I have begun, I'm very excited about it, and the idea is very clear--it has been in my head for years.

Whew. So, maybe not so bad a start to a Friday after all...

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