Monday, January 10, 2011

Showing Up Is 90% of the Job

I'm working on a web series called Less Than Heroic (about D&D, at the table, and in realm) with my friend Matt. We did a similar series last year: We want to do things better this time around.

Everything is taking a much longer time, but I think we will have a much better final project. We have 4 writers this time, and both Matt and I are making it a creative priority. We had a writer's meeting on Saturday, and it went well--another episode down! We have 2 more episodes to begin, and a few to do second/final drafts, but overall, we are making good progress. All of us are beginning to understand the characters a little bit more and to have fun with them.

I guess the main lesson I'm learning is that showing up is 90% of the job. Even though the process is taking forever, we are all committed to making this show happen. At the meetings, probably 75% of the time we are joking around; but the other 25% of the time, we are actually thinking and writing. Just by being there, we are getting the job done. Slowly but surely.

I can also equate this to weight loss, or even to maintaining my financial budget. Just show up to meetings (for WW), write the stuff down (track spending points as well as dollars), and don't give up even if you fail during the week or during a day or an hour even!

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