Friday, January 7, 2011

Gaining First, Then Losing EVEN MORE!

I weighed in yesterday and am officially 132.6!
Current Weight: 132.6
Starting Weight: 133.5 lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 1.2 lbs (from last WW weigh-in)
Weight Loss Total: .9 lbs (I think next time, I'll just do the official WW weight instead of my own tracking system--it's easier to manage if everything's the same)

The following is taken directly from my Weight Watchers blog... about the new program.

I thought I was the only one! Nononono, on this new program, soooo many other people from what I gather are gaining weight in the first 1-3 weeks as they adjust from 1) their lifestyle before or 2) the past WW program.

I have less to lose, but I noticed I sure didn't lose very much the first few weeks, 2 out of 3 weeks, I maintained, and one week, I lost a fraction of a pound... But I was doing everything right! Including exercising!

This week, I lost 1.2 pounds, and I knew I would. I weigh myself every day--it helps me keep track, and I know now not to OBSESS over it, so I'm fine with it. Anyway, one day I was my regular weight, as per usual after maintaining, and the NEXT DAY, doing nothing different, I dropped a couple of pounds. I barely felt the change, but there it was. I weighed myself 3 times to make sure.

Here's MY hypothesis... Just like in sports or weight training, when you start something new, your body is SORE for the entire first week you embark, then the second week is easier, and on the third week, you're already at a MUCH higher level than day 1. You're training your body to operate differently. Your muscles are working in new ways, and some muscles that have been dormant are finally getting worked out. Somehow, I think that's the same situation with our digestive system... Something like that... That's how it makes sense to me anyway.

A man in my meeting tonight was frustrated because he gained weight
this week, even though he "followed the plan perfectly." What he
thought that meant was denying himself 20-30 of his Points Plus Target
Points DAILY. The room exploded in sympathetic and some disapproving

I ate ALL my points plus the weekly flex points, and I LOST WEIGHT. I'm my own testament to the system. Everyone else in the meeting verbalized similar experiences--including lifetime members who had reached goal weight on the past program. They gained 3 pounds and then after two weeks, had lost 6 pounds. I think it's because most of us on the old plan were thinking, "20 points--at least some of those are going towards my desserts." And now we can have our desserts and the free fruit/veggies somehow HELP digest the other less complex ("bad") foods.

Every night this week, I've eaten what I wanted within the program, and then ended the night by filling up on the WW veggie soup. EVERY NIGHT I went to bed SUPER FULL, as in, almost bursting full. Then I'd wake up, and I'd weigh the exact same (the same as that one day when I dropped 2 pounds out of nowhere). On the past program, I'd go to sleep hungry way more often than I wanted.

It works! Eat the points! Eat ALL the points!

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