Monday, January 17, 2011


I started P90X this last Friday (3 days ago), and BOY am I sore! I did about 60 days of the workout my last semester in college, and then semi-started the workouts several times since then, always not for very long (because I got "busy").

This time, I will give myself a bit of a break. They break up the 90 days into 3 four-week rotations, so I'm going to view these rotations as doing 24 workouts in 28 days. I'm going to allow myself to skip one workout a week so I will be doing 20 workouts in 28 days. So far, I skipped the upper body workout yesterday because I was so sore from the similar upper body workout on Friday. Once I get stronger, I may get more strict with myself, but I'm happy with making this adjustment for myself. I also felt like resting my muscles yesterday was a very smart thing to do--I ached all over!

The workouts had an INSANE effect on my appetite/sleep habits. I was wide awake Friday night until 3AM, and then got up at 8AM, super hungry. Then at noon, I crashed for about 4.5 hours, did workout #2, and slept for about 10 hours Saturday night. I wasn't hungry until about 2PM on Sunday, when I got INCREDIBLY hungry, and ate all my 29 points within the next 1.5 hours which lasted me all night until about 10PM when I used some flex points. I also took another 2 hour nap on Sunday. Hopefully my body gets used to this soon, but for now, it seems as if I'm just eating and sleeping and working out :-P At least I have time to live this way for a little while.

Another thing--my boyfriend was noticing that I was spending an hour a day on work outs, and for the first time I got a text message saying: "why don't you come over a little later, I want to get some exercise in." !!! It totally took me off guard because I have NEVER heard him say anything like that, but I didn't say anything and just came over later. I don't want to treat it like it's a weird thing, if he's not going to treat it like it's weird. I would love for exercise to become a major part of our lives :) By the way, the reason he doesn't exercise is because he eats VERY well and always has--he's naturally skinny (but not gross skinny) and has a great relationship with food. I am very jealous of that quality about him, but he's very supportive when I say "let's go somewhere where I can order a salad" when he wants to go out!

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