Friday, January 14, 2011

Lean Protein Is What I Need!

Of course!

My leader yesterday at the meeting said that part of the reason WW changed their program is because members were using their daily points values on only SNACKS, like tidbits of ice cream here, a small WW bar there, yes, some egg whites, but why eat a fruit or veggie when you can slide in a muffin?

This new program greatly increases the possibility to have more fruits and veggies (due to them = 0 points plus), AND LEAN PROTEIN! Well, I got the fruits and veggies loud and clear, but the lean protein was not included in my diet as much last week.

I was one of those snacking WW members on the old plan. I still am one of those members on this plan. I always feel like I don't have time to cook meat! But I do! And I can! And I need to! I think adding protein will help me lose more this week.
Tracking is such a good way to realize what is going wrong. I didn't want to show my leader the tracker when I could figure it out on my own--no need for additional embarrassment for myself (even though she's awesome and probably would have been helpful). I am going to try this new plan--adding lean protein--this week, and see if it improves my weight loss.

I used to do a 3-day "diet" after a big holiday like Thanksgiving, and the reason that's in quotes is that looking back, the "diet" was just a healthy day of eating, all planned out, 3 days in a row, with different variations on each day. It might be a little short on calories, but not much; and it includes ice cream and eggs and veggies, fruit, lean protein--everything that WW wants you to eat! The only difference from that "diet" and what I'm eating now is my LEAN PROTEIN!

Have I figured it out? I hope so!

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